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183 Monroe Street Passaic New Jersey

Hello, Thank you for visiting our Corner of the web. SSLE Photography is a division of Source Sound Lab Entertainment, Productions. We aim to make your photography experience an unforgettable one.

S.S.L.E. Photography is an independent company owned and ran by Ramon and Kerwyn Daniel. Two brothers with a unique and innovative style. We both developed a passion for the arts at a young age. After being successful with our musical talents and performing on various stages and doing multiple gigs; we then turned our focus towards photography. Starting out as hobby photographers, we decided to officially incorporate photography to our list of professional services in December 2010. Since then, we have done numerous work both together and independently. Our studio is located in Passaic, New Jersey. We travel and are available for many different projects.

If you have any inquries or would like to schedule a consultation, We can be reached at

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